Thank you for your interest in our organization and services. We specialize in intuitive-based learning methods covering all forms of energy work. Our focus is on the practical use of these skills, supporting a wide range of professions. Concepts are based on the core understanding of energy, without the need to mystify or complicate with unnecessary structure.


* News *

As of 2018 we are discontinuing our offerings, starting the process of closing down the business. It is time for us to focus more on mentoring and supporting the next generation of healers, practitioners, and instructors. They will take our place in the world, offering their unique perspectives on these amazing practices in metaphysics.

As a gift to them, we have decided to leave this website and content intact for now so that they may use the information to structure their offerings.

Feel free to continue reading if you are interested in our history of service to our local community...


We Reached Several Audiences

Through our methods, corporate professionals, small business owners, scientists and engineers, discovered an entirely new connection to their visionary spirit. They can finally embrace their intuitve side, tapping into their clarity to be more effective, languaging it in such a way that it is acceptable in the business world.

Individuals coming from traditional western medicine would seek us out to assist them in better relating to their spiritually-motivated clients.

Those with experience in metaphysics and holistic health practices found our training provided them with a deeper understanding of their current skills, a much clearer way to language what they provide, and a strong growth path to expand their offering.

Our Corporate Offerings

As you look through the menu you will notice that most of the content references formal classes and events we offered to organizations and businesses. Our goal was to support healing art facilities as well as more traditional offices in the use of advanced energy work. Training facilities often made use of our services to supplement their offerings, providing their students a more unique perspective of the modality they are studying (massage, healing, yoga, martial arts, etc.).

For The Individual

We were very committed to assisting anyone who wished to expand their abilities in the areas of healing and/or intuitive skills. To achieve this goal, we offered several approaches. First, most offerings listed in this site were available to the individual and we strived to make them affordable. For those who wished to create their own training team, we offered guidance and training packages at a reduced rate. Finally, because we believed in supporting community, we offered numerous low/no-cost events through our Philanthropy program.

In General

Our community has come to understand that a positive outlook, achieved through empowerment, brings them a more fulfilling experience of life. They see the correlation between negative influences and disease. They desire more effective ways to engage when faced with difficult situations.

We offered a unique approach. Our strength was in our ability to reach the professional, the healer, the artist, and the teacher in everyone. We strived to assist individuals in finding balance between their physical reality and their innate intuitive abilities.