Advanced Metaphysics

Advanced practices in metaphysics are typically reserved for those who wish to build a profession based on these abilities, or instructors who wish to teach classes in any energy-based modality. In either case, advanced reading skills are essential to properly assess a client or student, and to ensure safe space.

Advanced reading methods cover a wide range of topics. More detailed reading of an individual may include time-shifted evaluations (what was there before today), reading blocks and issues residing between chakras, and examining chakra hooks. You must also stay open to the possibility that current issues might be tied to distractions (person, place, or thing), close-in influences (spirit guides), or past life events.

In addition to these expanded skills of perceiving energy, there are high-level techniques in projecting and manipulating energy. We start with structured practices in focusing. You cannot use intense energy effectively, or safely, if you have a tendency to "drift". Once your ability to stay present is established, we move forward with projecting focused healing energy (Moto-Ki), use of energy lines, restructuring nerves, dowsing, and energizing water for healing effect.

The ability of staying present has a powerful secondary effect. It leads to safe studies in astral projection and ethereal shifting. Although the benefits to astral projection are debatable, use of ethereal shifting allows you to move your energy body outside your physical body enabling you to physically affect your environment from a different perspective.

Depending on your profession of choice, we may provide additional training in the use of energy to shatter old residue and/or setting long-term intentions to block outside interference.

All of the training mentioned above is designed to assist the practitioner in providing a more effective service to their clients. You might consider this "Level II Metaphysics."

Level III is provided to instructors. No matter how skilled you are in the practice of these arts, educating others requires an entirely new skillset. Teaching metaphysics is an art. To do it well, you must be able to adapt what you know to match the learning styles of your students. To do it safely requires discipline and the ability to read multiple students simultaneously. Even the most simple seminar on energy work can trigger some students as they connect to fears from long ago. You must be able to anticipate this and resolve it quickly. Opening up participants to explore heightened awareness of energy, or project it, without strong monitoring may leave them to run amok. This can have serious ramifications. Injury is possible. The risk is just as real in metaphysics as it is in martial arts.