Instructor Training

Instructor training is split into three categories. The first two are designed to enhance general teaching methods, while the last is specific to teaching energy work. Courses can be easily tailored to match your topics of interest, presented in the style and manner we endorse.

Energy-Based Presentation Tools:

Our first goal is to keep the presenter comfortable and present in the moment. Leveraging off of tools from Toastmasters and Accelerated Learning, we offer guidance in developing and executing effective presentations. For those who experience anxiety in front of an audience, we provide the tool of Energizing Water and using the liquid to bring them back to a centered and grounded state.

Additional tools focus on engaging an audience to prevent your presentation from becoming a lecture. As an example, we promote the color-coding of your notes, based on energy-connections, to facilitate and maintain a fun and fascinating dialog with your students.

Energy-Based Training Methods:

Most coursework is designed around the transfer of knowledge (pushing information to your students). We expand this to include the transfer of wisdom (empowering them to connect with their clarity). Our goal is to assist you in keeping these in balance.

Whether you are managing a classroom filled with students, or coaching a handful of clients, there is information which must be instilled upon the participants. If you truly wish to excel as an instructor the very first concept you must embrace is that every individual learns differently. If your teaching style is limited to just your own learning style, you'll force 80% of your audience to "translate" it.

Please see the anecdote on Learning Styles.

For a large audience, this means offering the information in several ways. In a coaching situation, you simply need to get to know your clients. In both cases, any direct interaction with a specific student will require you to match their unique learning style. The most effective instructors use their heightened awareness (intuition) to determine the best approach. Our classes offer practical methods of quickly assessing an individual's needs so that you may communicate with them much more effectively.

Beyond the transfer of information is the sharing of wisdom. Expanding your ability to assess to a level where you can connect with a student's prior experience along with how they attach to that history, you can lead them to rediscovering what the already know or what they are capable of creating. Do not steal from your student an opportunity for a unique experience in self learning.

Instructor Training in Energy-Based Methodologies:

We have advanced courses in the design and implementation of energy-based classes, seminars, and coaching sessions. We can assist you in more effectively presenting your own modality, or certify you in skills based on Moto-Ki.

No matter how skilled you are as a practitioner in the field of healing arts (energy work), educating others requires an entirely new skillset. To do it safely requires discipline and the ability to read multiple students simultaneously. Even the most simple seminar on energy work can trigger some students as they connect to fears from long ago. You must be able to anticipate this and resolve it quickly. Opening up participants to explore heightened awareness of energy, or project it, without strong monitoring may leave them to run amok. This can have serious ramifications. Injury is possible. The risk is just as real in metaphysics as it is in martial arts.