We find Paramedics (EMTs, ambulance drivers, etc.) incredibly easy to work with because they have already honed many of their skills, and haven't even realized it. Of all the medical professionals, they are the most practiced in blending intellect and intuition. This is part of their daily routine.

If you are a Paramedic, you actually have two major responsibilities which you must balance at any given time. First, you are there to offer service to the sick and injured. Second, you need to keep yourself safe. If you ask any emergency service professional they will clearly state how much they rely on their "heightened senses", "gut feelings", and "knowing" as they move into traffic, alleys, homes, and businesses. Many will tell you it is what kept them from losing their life.

However you choose to language it, it comes down to intuition. If you're a Paramedic, you use it every day. Most likely, this also maps into your assessment and treatment skills. You can sense when something's not going well with a patient. You might set up a 12-lead long before there is any sign of heart trouble, just before they arrest. This is not uncommon. How you blend your intellect with your intuition is one of your greatest skills. You don't let your intellect dismiss your intuition, and you don't let your intuition distract your intellect. Few individuals have this level of expertise.

How would you like to increase these skills? Our classes on the practical use of the intuitive will take you far beyond your current experience, and provide you with a much stronger base to work from. They will help you perceive your intuition from a viewpoint of energy, how it moves and changes. They also provide you with tools to help you verbalize this valuable stream of information, building more credibility with your coworkers.

Please see the anecdote on EMT Ethics.