Everyone is born incredibly intuitive. It's necessary for survival, and it helps us adapt to our environment. Most children take their energy queues from their parents and this is a significant part of their learning process. As an example, if you are about to introduce a new vegetable and you are afraid your child won't like it, most likely they will pick up on this and be very hesitant to even try it.

All children are born with innate energy skills. You've already seen this. If your toddler wants to be picked up, they are light as a feather. If they don't, it's a very different experience. What they are doing is "grounding", and they are very good at it. Children are also very good at perceiving everything around them as a combination of matter and energy. They see things that adults choose not to. When you ask a child to hug their Aunt Rita, and they resist, it may not just be that they are shy. It's possible they are reading the energy of their Aunt and seeing that right now that is not necessarily safe. They can't articulate it, so it's difficult for you to distinguish this from shyness.

One of the unfortunate aspects of living in a culture which does not honor energy is that we actively shut down these amazing skills in our children. When a parent tells a child to hug Aunt Rita anyway, ignoring what they are perceiving, the child starts distrusting their perceptions. Some children see energy states as colors. They'll tell a teacher that they want to go play with the "blue boy" in the yard. The teacher will correct them and say "no honey, that boy's wearing a red shirt." (See the anecdote about the girl and the xylophone).

As a parent, you take your responsibilities to your children very seriously. You provide them safe space and do your best to satisfy their health needs, emotional needs, as well as their spiritual needs. You find balance between what you choose to teach them and what you allow them to discover on their own. You enjoy their unique outlook and abilities, and nurture them whenever possible. But what about their energy skills? Do you really want them shut down?

Raising The Intuitive Child

If the parents are comfortable with the concepts of energy, most likely the child will follow along. If the parents are more traditional, the child will follow this model - or maybe not. Energy skills are funny. Some children are too stubborn to give them up.

For the most part, raising an intuitive child is not really that difficult. All it takes is a bit of education, keeping an open mind, and creating an effective dialog so perceptions can be honored. In the case of Aunt Rita, the parent could have spent the time to determine the reason for the resistance. One advantage for expanding your own intuitive skills is that in this situation you would have read Aunt Rita, as well as the child's read on Aunt Rita, and knew exactly what was going on.

Staying open to your child's skills may help you reacquaint yourself with your own. Sometimes it's fantasy, and sometimes it isn't. That invisible friend may just be an imaginary playmate. Then again, it may be something quite real from the world of energy. If an outsider with no prior knowledge sees it, mentions it, and knows its name, it might give you pause.

Children And Manifesting

Please don't underestimate the power of your children. Children are just as capable of manifesting as you are. If their belief systems don't hold them back, they can be an incredible force. As an example, we were brought in to clear a residence which had "bad energy". It had been on the market for months, and no one would even look at it. When we assessed the home we found nothing wrong with it. We then looked at the family and found a 5 year old boy who was absolutely convinced that the house was his and no one was going to sell it. We suggested that the parents introduce their son to the new home, complete with back yard and swing. That solved it. The house sold within days.

The Intuitive Young Adult

If your child retains their powerful energy-based skills, their teenage years may be quite troublesome. They may find it difficult to find others who they can relate to. In addition, they will need strong guidance on ethics in the use of these skills. Not as much as in not doing damage to others, but primarily to keep themselves safe. Sharing without permission can have harsh effects. And it's not easy when you see things that other people choose not to, and when you know when others are being disingenuous. (See anecdote on The Intuitive and The Therapist)

Children And Rites Of Passage

In many ways, modern society has moved away from traditional rites of passage. Some have been retained through religious practices, but many have been lost. We find them extremely helpful when raising children. It allows them to redefine themselves as they grow, knowing when to put away childish behaviors.

There are many opportunities here. We promote the use of the birthday celebration as an annual rite of passage. Here a child is given expanded freedoms along with more responsibilities. As an example, on your child's 7th birthday they would be able to stay up to 7:30pm each night. And they would also keep their room straightened up without being asked. At age 12, they would open a checking account. And any allowance or monetary gifts would go through that account. At age 14, they would be given significant quarterly funds. And they would now be responsible for buying their own clothes (making good choices, or learning from their mistakes).