Improving corporate communications is always a strong goal within any organization. Disseminating information and getting the right information to the right people is always the key to success. But what if it isn't just about technology, or frequency? What if it isn't just about how much information is sent out, or how quickly it can be distributed? What if the intention of the communication is just as important?

Human beings have an innate ability to assess hidden meanings within communication, although they may not have practice looking at it consciously. When it is left to the subconscious, people simply react to the energy of it. They may not even realize how or why.

When the communication is delivered in-person, the recipient also picks up on the motivation behind it. If they are skilled at determining the source of the energy, they know if it is an attempt to connect with them (check-in), simply relay some data, ask for assistance in envisioning something, or an expression of an emotional state (fear, frustration, etc.). The verbal message might be as simple as "Please see me before you leave today." If you can determine the source, it fills in all the gaps. This is a skill few people practice.

If the communication is delivered electronically, its energy is empty or vague. Hopefully, it is simply a stream of data used to inform. Anything of a more personal nature will cause the recipient to reflect back their own energy into it, and you can get very mixed reactions. Most professionals know better than to include personal correspondence in an email or text. No matter how well you word it, it will probably be taken wrong. If something personal must be relayed, use suggest the use email or text to arrange the time to deliver it directly.

Intuitive Methodologies offers training in accurately assessing intent and motivation through energy. One of the key components is the practice of staying out of judgment. It isn't good, bad, right, or wrong - it's just energy. Most bad business decisions are fear-based. You can be very effective in pushing back by acknowledging it, coming from clarity, and not infusing your response with the energy of "fear is bad".

Please see Energy Based Problem Solving under Anecdotes.