Real Estate

Real estate professionals are reaching out to energy workers more and more. At first it may seem like a strange combination, but in reality it makes perfect sense. Properties which are energetically distressed are very difficult to move.

Even the most skeptical real estate agent knows that some properties simply won't sell without help. You can take a prospective buyer, someone who has no experience with energy, walk them through a home where there has been a murder or suicide, and even if they've never been told they will feel that something isn't right. This usually leads to a substantial reduction in asking price. Granted, this would be the worst case scenario. But ALL disruptive energy creates a perceived loss of value in a property.

How do buyers perceive energy? Those that have experience with "negative" energy will assess it consciously. And those with no such experience will simply feel its effects. The emotional reaction can range from simply feeling unsettled, to strong feelings of depression. The physical reaction may suppress their breathing (making them light-headed or prone to accidents), or induce subtle sensations of pain. In any case, this distracts the buyer from having a truly positive experience.

If you lack any form of energy training and are curious about the effects, you can try this out for yourself. Approach one of your more difficult properties. Standing outside, simply get a feel for your breath. Now move inside and walk from room to room. Notice how your breathing changes. Any room saturated with violence, anger, or depression will push against your chest and cause you to breathe shallow. You'll know it when you feel it.

At Intuitive Methodologies we offer a combination of services and training, tailored to your needs. We can assist you in assessing, clearing, and staging properties. We also offer training if you desire to perform some of the work yourself, or wish to at least provide feedback/guidance to your clients.

What sets us apart? How are our services different from others? First, we are a power-based energy group. Violent and abusive energy can be very stubborn. Gentle methods of cleansing are seldom sufficient. It would be equivalent to using a feather duster in a heavily soiled kitchen. We bring the "bleach".

We also specialize in staging residences after they have been cleansed. The cleansing process eliminates all energy, leaving the house neutral. Similar to staging a home with expensive furniture to show it at its finest, we energetically charge each room with specific intentions to provide the best experience possible.

When listing a property, there are benefits to adding subtle language about its energy. Some cultures see foreclosed property as saturated with "scarcity and failure" and avoid it if the energy is still present.

Our services are not limited to just residences. We work on commercial property as well. In one case we were hired by a nuclear physicist to come in and clear a development environment in a lab at a major high tech company. We were successful at eliminating an outside influence which was disrupting their test chamber.