Intuitive Skills Coursework

Many people have asked us how we can teach someone to be intuitive. In actuality, we don't. We are all born incredibly intuitive. Over time, we are taught not to use it. Through actions and words, we are told to ignore the information. The skills offered here are designed to remove the blocks keeping you from embracing your intuitive side. They start simply, then expand to much higher levels.


We start with psychometry because it is the easiest skill to practice. It teaches the basics of how energy is used and transferred. Participants are invited to bring in an object that they come into contact with often (typically jewelry). These objects are saturated with their owner's energy. As we go around the room, individuals are amazed by how much information they can pick up from just holding an object.

Although it is a basic/introductory skill, psychometry has many real-world applications. These are discussed in detail, and some are demonstrated.

Reading Auras and Chakras

Each of us has an energy body associated with our physical body. Although more common practices focus on seeing the colors of an aura, we find that experiencing it physically (tactilely) gives you much more information. It is also easier. The aura often reflects the well-being of the body as well as the individual chakras. Reading someone's aura allows you to discover weak points, areas where there is guarding, as well as physical injuries or "dis-ease".

Combining the experience of reading auras with the skills introduced in psychometry, we then move on to reading chakras. Participants are paired up and given the opportunity to read each other directly. As they work their way through the chakras, they pick up vast amounts of information relating to each area of this person's life, including how they find safety and security, balance feelings with sexuality and creativity, project and experience power, how they connect with themselves and others, how they speak their truth and hear the truth of others, their ability to blend intellect and intuition, as well as their spiritual process.

In tandem with the experience of reading someone's energy, you also come away with a deeper understanding of how this energy affects you. The skill of reading energy consciously, along with grounding and shielding, helps protect you from many of the negative effects. This section also includes much of the information covered in the seminar on Deflecting Stress.

Simple Healing Methods

A few years ago a martial arts master attended this session on healings. He refocused his powerful combative energy to sooth, heal, and cleanse. For 30 consecutive evenings following the session, he spent 20 minutes running energy on his elderly wife, clearing her chest and lungs. After 30 days, she was free of emphysema and no longer relying on oxygen tanks.

Running healing energy is an innate skill within everyone. In this session we teach energy projection, along with adding an intention to promote change. Participants practice on each other, clearly experiencing the effects.


Energy work is always being "rediscovered". All of the press regarding "The Secret" and "Law Of Attraction" has the community re-examining the basic concepts of manifesting. There is a strong belief that we create our own reality, and these books reflect the effects of this belief. We expand that thought into believing that our reality is a reflection of our belief systems. In other words, if you want to know what you believe you deserve -- look around you. Change your belief systems and the world around you also changes.

We manifest all the time, subconsciously, through our thoughts, dreams, and fears. "Active" (or "Conscious") Manifesting is a process where we bring in something we desire through clarity. This active process shifts us away from the idea of luck (everything is imposed upon the individual) toward challenging old belief systems to invoke positive change (and taking responsibility).

One drawback we see within the recent publications is this idea of manifesting by yourself, without guidance or feedback. It may be a reflection of how our society is moving further toward everyone becoming completely independent of others, and losing the concept of community. Manifesting "in a closet", so to speak, offers no relief to individuals who are in denial about their beliefs and provides no feedback, which is often what leads to clarity. Group manifesting moves you out of denial, challenges you on your beliefs (with love and compassion), and provides feedback and alternative views to help you see more clearly. In addition, you experience the power of a community gathering together to combine their energy into a single intention of bringing in what you desire.

Spirit Guides

Young, attractive, open, and funny. Also, very lonely. At 28, she had never had a boyfriend. Men would engage her, but only once. The conversations were often amazingly sweet, but never any follow-up.

When the group read her spirit guides, they immediately found Grandma. Much more than simply present to guide her, Grandma draped herself around her precious little grandchild. The loving energy was abundant, powerful, and very protective. It wasn't until one of the MEN in the group started to read the connection that we truly understood the problem. Grandma still saw her grandchild as 9 years old and vulnerable. And Grandma HATED men. He could feel Grandma grab her broom and attack.

We opened up a dialog between grandchild and grandmother. It took 15 minutes to renegotiate the relationship. Grandma came to understand the need for an adult grandchild to grow through life experiences, including the experience of men. From that day forward, everything changed.

Past Life Connections

She was referred by a friend. The doctors couldn't figure it out, and they were now looking at in vitro fertilization. But on the odd chance her "physical defect" could be resolved on an energy level, she came to see us. She requested a basic chakra reading, so that's where we began.

In reading first chakra, we discovered there was a severe problem with safety and security. The "thread" did not lead to her lifestyle, or her childhood. It was older than that. It led us to her most recent past life, where she died giving birth to her first child. At a core level, the impression was still there. A simple equation. You get pregnant - you die. Her body was not going to allow this to happen.

As she processed the information, the energy shifted. That's all it took. Within two months the couple was able to conceive.

The session on Past Lives is an expansion of the basic skill of reading energy. In a basic chakra reading you get a snapshot of today. With practice, you can slowly step that backward in time to yesterday, last month, last year, then much, much further. These are the steps to past life readings.

Expanded Techniques

The standard set shown above (Level I) is typically practiced many times over to gain experience and strengthen the connection to one's intuitive side. As the sessions are more of a practicum than a class, participants re-explore their skills at a higher level each time they attend. Eventually, more experienced practitioners move forward into expanded techniques (Level II) such as reading between chakras, relationship (chakra-hook) readings, healing with energy lines, and energy scanning with echo-location.

Advanced Techniques

For those who wish to venture on to use the skills professionally, we offer advanced activities such as future readings, ethereal shifting, astral projection, cleansing methods, setting intentions, and infusing water (to mention a few).