Love Through Clarity

Bringing in a relationship is probably the largest, most complex, manifest you will ever create. It deals with family, politics, children, religion, culture, finances - and that's just scratching the surface. What would you not want to include? When we work with someone who wishes guidance on bringing in the love of their life, we don't take it lightly.

Unlike many seminars designed to help you ask the universe to send you a soul-mate, we take a much more thorough approach. We start by determining if your definition of relation matches the norm. We have found that our group forums on creating relationship bring in a wide variety of people, with very different views. From this we've learned that our first goal is to find out what you really want.

A somewhat small percentage of people state they want a relationship, but in reality they are looking for something quite different. From our point of view, a relationship involves a life-long partner, blending together families, and most likely includes marriage. From time to time, when we sit and work with someone we find that they really want a lover, or a spring romance, or to expand their circle of intimate friendships. There's no judgment on this; it's just a preference. And since society no longer attaches a stigma to the single-person lifestyle, it is a much more comfortable conversation. We just need to get clear from the start so we can assist you in creating a manifest which truly reflects your goals. And these manifests are much easier to write.

For those who do choose a big-time relationship, they find the manifesting process an amazing journey in self-discovery. We see that many people come in with judgments about who they are or how they live, believe this blocks any chance of relationship, but hope the universe will answer their call anyway. If the issue they mention is described as a defect in character, and something they want to change in themselves, we do suggest they do their work and "come up to the plate". But in many cases, it is a perceived judgment on an aspect of themselves they are very comfortable with. As an example, one client was convinced she would never have a relationship because she lives as a "gypsy". She travels all over the world, and doesn't settle in to one place for more than a year. Who could she possibly have a relationship with? When we pointed out that it was her belief system holding her back, and that it was only a belief system, she was able to move forward. Her manifest brought in another "gypsy".

Here's the biggest difference between finding the love of your life, and creating one. All your old blocks can be set aside. You can have whatever you wish, as long as you get clear.