Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses, EMTs, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and other healing professionals combine their skills and physical abilities to assist, guide, and empower their patients. They all evoke positive change in the people around them. They receive advanced training in their specialty, some training in the physical aspects of their job, minimal training on creating a safe space and avoiding injury, and little or no training regarding the effects of energy on both them and their clients.

Our initial training for anyone in a healing profession starts with grounding and deflection of energy. First things first - stay safe. If your methods, or your environment, are not creating safe space you are adding to the problem, not resolving it. The techniques taught here are simple, easy to learn, and significantly change how your patients experience you. Just the practice of staying grounded will not only keep you safe it will also calm and center the people around you.

More advanced training for the RN includes practices which help you use your innate intuitive to help monitor those around you while staying more focused. This is accomplished by shielding yourself from energetic distractions. The goal is to have you work with other people's energy, without taking it on or having it change you.