Of all the different professions we assist, counselors are probably the most diverse in their methods. Although the core skillset is fairly consistent, how each practitioner applies their art can vary dramatically. This is important since no single approach could possibly hope to achieve results with such a wide audience.

If you are comfortable with the spiritual side of mental health, and have experience and/or training in metaphysics, we can help you solidify it. If you believe these concepts are beneficial to your clients and assist in their growth, we can help you language it in such a way as to reach even the most conservative audience. Look at our offerings. We reach everyone from Energy Healers to Corporate Professionals. Let us share our experience with you.

There are those in the counseling profession who choose a more clinical approach and prefer not to focus on spiritual wellbeing. These methods have their place and are just as valuable. And most likely your intuition is still coming into play at some level. But if a client is struggling with an issue tied to their spiritual upbringing and/or cultural beliefs, and you are unable to relate to them, they will find someone else. With a few simple examples in energy work, we can provide you an experience of how real this is for others.

No matter which approach feels right for you, there is one common belief amongst counselors. Patients benefit from a safe, comfortable environment, which is free of distractions. You will have clients who will not be able to distinguish the difference between the processing of emotions around violence and the violence itself. If you are not cleansing your office, this can be very distracting.

Please see the anecdote on The Intuitive And The Therapist.