Engineers have a unique and amazing personality. They are mostly known for having a "black belt" in mental discipline and creativity. They put a huge amount of time and effort into this, and hone their skills in such a way as to combine memory, complex thought, visionary insights, and even whimsy into a mental state which produces at such a high rate of speed others have difficulty keeping up.

The drawback to building such a powerful engine is that it has difficulties idling. There's also the problem of keeping it challenged. The leisure time of an engineer is seldom that. They find relaxation in puzzles, games, sci-fi and fantasy events. The hardware and functionality of the starships we've come to know and love have been fully document in hundreds of books. You can find an English-to-Klingon dictionary in a store or at the library, but not under science fiction. It's under Reference.

The engineer strives to break through and achieve where most haven't even thought of going. With this comes the challenge of finding new entertainment and ways to grow. George Lucas accomplished this with Star Wars. He combined the fascination of living on other worlds, with incredible conflict, intriguing technology, and the best and worst of human nature. Most importantly, he took a spiritual concept to a real-world application and called it "The Force". This captivated engineers.

In a 2005 interview, George Lucas was asked the question where did he come up with the idea for "The Force". Simple. He took it from old world martial arts. He was always fascinated by the practices of monks in the shaolin temples. They were acquiring levels of sensory awareness far beyond the physical realm. They were using energy to augment their strength, allowing them to perform super-human acts of skill. Extend these methods a bit, add some telekinesis, and you have "The Force". (See YouTube video clip from The Science Of Star Wars)

What's the connection with this and Intuitive Methodologies? We've found that most corporate team building events for engineers are either a day off from work or feel just like any other project. They tend to fall short of creating growth or stronger connections. What we offer is different. We take the old (non-combative, safe) practices from energy-based martial arts and show the group just how real this is. They get to experience it, physically, which gives it substance. We then extend that to increased awareness, and finish with useful tools for more effective communication. All of this is combined with real-world anecdotes demonstrating the practical use of these skills. We call it "The Origins Of The Force" (see Events).

We guarantee you've never seen anything like this before.