Martial Artists

A shift in the demographics and market has caused the energy side of martial arts to fade quickly. The primary audience for many martial arts is now children, scaling back the practice to work primarily on the mechanics. There is a lot to learn from this, but there are now also gaps in the training. If you are an adult martial artist, most likely you are being trained in the art form designed for children, with a few enhancements.

You yourself may have noticed some of these gaps if you are already in an adult martial arts program. The balance of focus and discipline to spirituality and energy seems to be lost with some Masters. You may have noticed certain movements in your upper level kata/patterns which don't seem to match any of your basic techniques; Movements which lack a clear definition. Most likely, they are energy-based sweeps or strikes and their meaning is now lost.

An informal poll of martial arts masters uncovered some interesting results. The poll asked if students were still taught the energy side. The answer was typically "no". When asked why, their answers seemed to fall into one of two categories. A small percentage believed this type of training was to remain private to their culture and not shared openly. The larger portion had the opinion that only adults could learn this (a very limited audience) and westerners in general just wouldn't get it. The masters we interviewed were also clear that it had been so long since they've practiced the energy side that they've forgotten most of it.

Intuitive Methodologies caters to the adult martial artist. We will show you the energy side of any martial art you bring to us. It is not our goal to change your art form but to enhance your experience by augmenting your techniques with energy. We simply put back what was lost. You will have a much deeper understanding of your particular art and experience a level of power you've never seen before.

We disagree with the idea that westerners have difficulty understanding and implementing energy techniques. Our experience has shown us that the use of eastern training methods is the issue. These methods assume an experience of, or background in, eastern culture and leverage off of that. Unless you were raised in eastern society, these methods yield limited results.

Intuitive Methodologies uses western training methods, not eastern. We match our training style to the learning style of the students. We language it differently, and use a strong physical experience of energy to make it much more "real" for the western student.

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