Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer, you guide people to a healthier, more powerful state of being. Each of your clients is unique, and you are constantly adjusting your methods accordingly. You must reassess their current state often to make sure they are being challenged, without going too far too fast. You are constantly checking in with them, and intuitively sensing their level and abilities.

Our initial training for anyone teaching a physical activity starts with grounding and deflection of energy. First things first - stay safe. If your methods, or your environment, are not creating safe space you are adding to the problem, not resolving it. The techniques taught here are simple, easy to learn, and significantly change how your students experience you. Just the practice of staying grounded will not only keep you safe it will also calm and center the people around you.

Your business is very competitive. You are always defining what sets you apart from your competition. What this typically comes down to is results. By blending energy techniques in with your standard activities you accomplish two goals. First, your clients discover a strength within them which no one else has helped them discover. Second, the simple technique of grounding them solidifies the experience of your training so it becomes more real and easier to retain. In general, they progress much faster.

The side benefit to these practices lies in your own development. You will rediscover all of your favorite methods using a totally new perspective. If you have been studying for years, or decades, this can breathe life back into your passion for teaching.