Readings And Assessments

Our practitioners are highly skilled in numerous reading methods. Where others may focus on aura readings, chakra connections, or past life issues, our sessions bring all the modalities together at one time to provide you with the most useful information. If you are the one struggling with determining the source of a problem, why should you be the one to determine the best approach of reading it? This is why you are going to an intuitive in the first place. Let us pull from all the information available and quickly narrow it down to the core issue.

Our methods are also different from most. Although we are happy to use our intuitive abilities to assess situations, connections, and events for you, our primary goal is to get you in touch with your own intuition. If you choose to work with us over time, we will gently shift you more and more into a process of seeing what your intuition told you, how you interpreted (or misinterpreted) it, and why.

Please remember that readings don't always have to be about solving problems. We have many clients who come in looking to increase their joy, create more community around them, or expand their clarity and spirituality. As an example, working with artists we are able to review past lives where they were very successful in their creations and provide clear visions of what they were producing along with what medium they were using. The result can launch them into a whole new world of creativity.