As a Paramedic in a busy 911 system, my training with Brian Rainie and Intuitive Methodologies over the last several years has given me the tools to deflect negative and chaotic energy, accurately read sick and injured people and connect with them in a way that creates a comfortable rapport. With these skills, I found I can better serve my patients and community. Thanks!

- Rick Hager, EMT-P


Brian is an amazing Intuitive and Instructor of the Healing Arts. As an Intuitive, I have experienced Brian to have a remarkable way of constructively conveying to me the information that I seek, which in turn has always helped me determine and implement the best course of action. As a Master Energy Healer and Instructor, Brian has shown me how to tap into my innate skills as an energy healer quickly and easily allowing me to excel in this area at an accelerated rate. In a matter of two years I went from having never heard about energy healing to becoming a Master Energy Healer myself. It was and continues to be an amazing journey and one I highly recommend to anyone interested in becoming an Energy Healer.

- Madeleine Harmath - Master Energy Healer, Saving Grace Healing


I've always given my massages from heart through hand and was able to deliver a great massage. Brian helped me take my massages from great to "amazing" just by teaching me a few energy based techniques. My clients now leave my studio feeling a deeper level of relaxation in both mind and body. With his techniques I am also able to deliver a much deeper tissue massage using less pressure, allowing me to put less stress on my body and more energy into my day.

- Tracey Benevento, CMT


Manifesting done in a group has been so amazing. The clarity others provide is so beneficial. What really felt great was knowing I was supported in asking for my vision.

- Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst and International Author


I've been working with Brian for three years now -- I've lots of fun in the classes, and my intuitive skills are much sharper and helpful to me.

- Joan Stutes, Realtor / Financial Advisor.


I was introduced to Brian by a fellow Realtor from my office. She had experienced a problem in a home she was selling and had Brian work on it with resounding success. Before I was able to have him work on my office to clear it of the depression and scarcity, a client of mine begged for help for her house. It was a beautiful house, well-priced, desirable in so many ways, but nothing was happening regarding the sale! Brian assessed it and found some serious issues. As he cleansed, altered and staged the home, the change in the market activity IMMEDIATELY changed! After 4 months of NOTHING, we got a winning offer within 3 days. As he finished up and stood outside of the home with the seller, a truck screeched to a stop, backed up and the driver jumped out to get a flyer and said, "What a GREAT house!"

Another similar situation was going on with another house I had listed and Brian worked in stages with me to get it cleansed, staged with new energy and we experienced IMMEDIATE results on that one as well! Again, while we stood outside after the work was completed, a man walked by and for the first time I heard the words, "What a GORGEOUS house!" (Before, all I had ever heard was: "There is just SOOO much work to do on that house!")

I guess I could write a novel about the work that Brian has done for my clients (and myself) and how he has helped houses--not only sell, but to be better HOMES for people. His ethics are impeccable! I trust him and will continue to work with him because not only does it help my clients in the movement of a real estate transaction, but the end result produces a BETTER experience for a troubled house--it can become a HOME again!

Finally, in conclusion, I had him complete the recommended work on my office. What I have now, is a workspace where there is INCREDIBLE clarity! I am as productive in a few hours in that office as I had been in a few weeks in that same office previously! I will drive into the office at odd times to get something done because I get SO much done and with such ease! He said that his work would last a few months or so--long enough for me to fill it with my own energy--but it's been nearly a year and it's as strong or stronger than ever. Recently he walked into my office and just smiled. It's holding. He's magical.

- Dorothy Colter - Realtor


Ever wonder if you're intuitive or just making stuff up? Brian Rainie is a master intuitive AND can help you understand and uncover your natural abilities. Rarely do we ever make stuff up ... most of the time we "bring something in" to our lives, and it is the REASON for bringing it in that most of us do not understand. Brian can help you understand!

I met Brian at a critical juncture in my life. I was going through a transitional period (though at the time, I was unaware), and his workshop was focused on each of us realizing that we are born with native abilities. This allowed me, a highly skilled analytical thinker, to understand the difference between emotion and feeling and how to access each. Did you know that thinking is not an intuitive process? In fact, thinking and analysis deflects, interferes or can obliterate our feelings which are the method by which we can "see", "know", "sense", and "understand" the world around us.

My experience with Brian's teaching is both in small group workshops and one-on-one readings with guided discussions. In the workshops, we go through the development and sometimes discovery of intuitive skills first by explanation, and second by practice. It's the practice where you'll have many "a ha!" moments. His clarity in explanation is great for the novice and the experienced intuitive so that you get what you need for your particular circumstance.

I highly recommend Brian's methodologies and his teachings. You will increase the depth and breadth of your native intuitive abilities and your whole life will be the better for it.

- Cheryl Mitchell, Entrepreneur and Chef