We're probably not what you expect. We come from a business background, holding high level positions within major high-tech firms. We're small business owners. We're well educated and have extensive training, not only in engineering and management but also in martial arts. We're committed to energy-based practices and believe they greatly benefit us in not only our personal lives but also our professional careers. We would like to share our experiences with you. (See our article on The Modern Intuitive)

We believe that everyone makes use of their intuitive at some level. Many people would love to expand their skills enough to be able to trust their insights, but find the current training opportunities undesirable. We offer something unique.

We believe that everyone is born intuitive, and they are forced to shut it down. This makes reconnecting with your skills easier. You simply need to remember them.

We believe that practical energy-based skills are learned experientially, with a focus on real-world application. You can't pick this up from books or videos. Even this website is only going to give you a minimal understanding of our work. It's similar to what the comedian Martin Mull said about music: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Writing about energy does not do it justice. Come meet with us. Then you'll understand.

We believe in privacy and keep all client information confidential. We do not do mass mailings. You will not find a schedule of classes on our website.

Our Methods

This is all hands-on work. Each participant gets a direct experience of the training. We keep our audiences small and do not offer web-based seminars. We constantly focus on the practical use of the skills. Your physical experience of our techniques will be anything but subtle. Where other forms leave vague impressions, or doubts, our methods do not. (See Practical Metaphysics under Training).

Our training process is energy-based, and makes use of the concepts set forth by Accelerated Learning. We honor multiple learning styles and adapt each course to the specific audience.

We are part of the Moto-Ki Association, and have a complete certification program for those who wish to use the skills professionally and/or instruct in the use of energy-based methods.