Personal Training

Training in energy work at the personal level covers a very wide range of skills. For those individuals who are very sensitive to other people's energy, we may start with some very basic Energy Based Self Defense. This will help you hold your own in difficult situations, and stay safe. If this is a skill you have already mastered, we will assist you with expanding your innate abilities to ground, shield, redirect, and project energy.

Basically, we find that most people find benefits to clearly communicating their own needs/desires while honoring the same in others. Examining this from an energy standpoint allows you to language it in such a way that it is less confrontational and much more inclusive in nature. For more information on this, you may wish to review our article on The Modern Intuitive.

For the more spiritually minded practitioner, we offer sessions in manifesting (law of attraction) as well as resolving blocks through examining past-life issues.

To fully explore the power of your ethereal side, please refer to our sections on Practical Metaphysics and Intuitive Skills Coursework.