Reiki Practitioners

We work a lot with Reiki practitioners, and masters. Basically, they seek us out when they find that Reiki is insufficient with some of their clients. This is not a judgment on Reiki. No single modality helps everyone. We'd prefer that energy healers practice numerous arts to combine them and provide what is best for any given client.

What we offer is not in conflict with Reiki, but actually blends extremely well with your existing practices. Whether you learned traditional Reiki, with all its formality, or western Reiki, with its symbols and focusing tools, what you tapped into was your innate ability to direct "universal energy" ("Rei - Ki"). This has the potential for powerful healing.

When Reiki masters approach us it's usually because they had a brief experience of us at a seminar or open forum. They notice we run a level of energy they have never seen before. It's tangible, and they feel it at a distance. Their first question is usually "How are you doing that"?

Universal energy, as itself, is very ethereal. It has an amazing ability to align and cleanse. What we offer is earth-based energy ("Moto-Ki"). When you put the two together you anchor universal energy, making it much stronger, while you add divine guidance to the healing energy of the earth. This is an incredible combination, capable of blasting through blocks at just about any level.

Is Moto-Ki easy to learn? Yes. In fact, it takes very little time and effort (as little as 8 hours). These are actually innate skills - you were born with them. We don't really "teach" you how to use them. We help you remember what you already know. Our process relies heavily on the physical experience of energy, which will make all of your prior experience much more real to you.

For an outside point of view regarding Earth Energy and Reiki, please see the Article on the International House Of Reiki website.

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Reiki and Moto-Ki blend well together. They are not in conflict. If any organization is guiding you away from all other practices, this may simply reflect an agenda to retain business. We invite you to explore. You are fully capable of sensing what resonates for you.

For more detailed answers regarding this, and to see a different perspective on Reiki and other modalities, please review our section on Misconceptions Of Energy Work.