Registered Nurses, EMTs, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and other healing professionals combine their skills and physical abilities to assist, guide, and empower their patients. They all evoke positive change in the people around them. They receive advanced training in their specialty, some training in the physical aspects of their job, minimal training on creating a safe space and avoiding injury, and little or no training regarding the effects of energy on both them and their clients.

Our initial training for anyone in a healing profession starts with grounding and deflection of energy. If your methods, or your environment, are not creating safe space you are adding to the problem, not resolving it. The techniques taught here are simple, easy to learn, and significantly change how your patients experience you. Just the practice of staying grounded will not only keep you safe it will also calm and center the people around you.

Individuals having any experience with chiropractic adjustment understand alignment. It's basic physics, and makes sense to them. Unfortunately they only see alignment as a way to avoid pain. They cannot feel alignment in their body, only the effects when it isn't there to protect them.

Earth-based energy techniques demonstrate energy alignment on a physical level. Simple demonstrations and practices show patients how to sense their own alignment, test it, see it in others, and understand how powerful they are when true alignment is achieved. They are impressed by the experience, and feel empowered by it as well, leading them to a lifestyle which reduces stress and pain.

For the practitioner, basic grounding techniques provide two significant advantages. First, you end up using less force to accomplish your goals. Secondly, you can ground your patients so your adjustments will hold much longer.