Professional Training

Training for professionals in the area of energy work covers a wide range of skills. We find that starting with communication basics and presentation style yield immediate results. Keeping your energy clear, you are perceived as much more genuine. Moving from there, we focus on ethics. Everyone is familiar with the traditional ethical behavior required within an office environment, and most of this is based on what is right or wrong, legal or illegal. We take it much further. We help you base your decisions on what is honorable, a term seldom used in modern society. Ethics also covers when it is appropriate to share information. Sharing without permission is one of the most common mistakes in business today.

More advanced methods cover working with your intuitive side, something everyone uses at some level. We help you embrace it. Expanding your clarity, and speaking your truth, allows you to share your visions much more easily. Gently demonstrating these abilities to coworkers creates an atmosphere where others feel free to express without fear of being judged.

For the most part, all forms of energy work are applicable in the workplace, at one level or another. We will provide you with real-world examples, using proven methods, to assist you in your professional growth. More details relating to your specific profession may be found in our By Specialty menu.

For a broader view of blending these skills into a corporate environment, please review our article The Modern Intuitive.