We were approached by a Chef starting up a new restaurant in the area. He had already reviewed a lot of research regarding energy, and was fascinated by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan on energizing water with thought. His goal was to educate his staff on the importance of a positive attitude, understanding that negative influences adversely affect the food. We were able to put together a training plan to meet his goals.

The first step was to work with the staff and provide them with a Physical Experience of Energy. Once it became real for them, it was much easier to move forward with the training. With these new insights, they were open to the experience of Psychometry. Starting with the negative, they became very aware that harsh emotions (anger, despair, frustration) can indeed saturate objects, water, and therefore food. By the end of their training, they were easily able to assess the food prepared by restaurants they frequented, and committed to avoiding the contamination of any meals they created. One member associated it with an employee who showed up to work sick, and spread the flu amongst his coworkers.

With the Chef and the staff in alignment, it was now time to work again with the Chef. It is a hierarchy, meaning that everyone supporting the Chef takes their energy queues from him. He sets the standard. If he ever shows up angry at the world, and unable to clear those thoughts, that energy will filter down through the team and the food will be horrific. He agreed to stand by his word. Get clear every day.