Small Business Owners

A small business is created with an "intention". Working with a small business owner, we start by looking at their initial intention in creating the business. The lifecycle of the business will reflect this initial vision. If your vision is short-sighted, so will be your business. If you are claiming one intention, while actually acting on something different, your business will be perceived as disingenuous or fragmented.

What was your intention when you started your business? "I want to make money." So if you attended a conference and were asked about you and your business, would you say that openly? "I want to make money." Most likely you would not, and yet can you really believe the audience won't sense this from you? People are very intuitive. Not necessarily in an open way, but they do listen to their "gut". If you are all about the money, that's what they'll pick up. If you are in business just to make money, you'd be better off stating it directly. At least then you'll come across as honest.

Most business owners struggle with what they believe to be conflicting goals. Our seminars are designed to assist them in finding balance, and unhooking them from belief systems which create this confusion. "I really love baking cookies, but you can't make any money doing that." If you tie yourself down to that belief system you'll make it true. If not, you'll become Mrs. Fields.

Most people see a visionary as someone who can look into the future, or simply have a knowing of what will be. "They are far and few between, and I will never have that ability." At Intuitive Methodologies, we believe that's only half the story. We have found that most individuals who have been given the title of "visionary" are simply skilled at viewing outside information as simply "belief systems", consciously choosing whether or not they align with their internal knowing, and discarding them if they don't. What idiot would put a camera into a phone, and who would want one? Ask Steve Jobs.

The high tech industry is now striving to locate, or develop, visionaries. They see their value. Unfortunately, they have no idea on how to go about this, mostly because they still see a visionary as somewhat mystical in nature. But what if it really came down to a coaching session which assisted you in stepping into your power, getting clear about your vision, discarding anything getting in your way, and fully committing to your goals? And imagine the energy you would have behind this. Customers can feel it. As a consumer, you know when you've been caught up in it.

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