Team Building

Team building events have traditionally fallen into two categories. Some are experienced as simply another form of training, usually in a creative way, but still with the agenda of satisfying some corporate need to improve working relationships. Others fall more into the realm of entertainment, and a way to blow off some stress. Both have their challenges. Building small teams which compete against each other can leave some participants unengaged. Outside activities which include physical challenges may not appeal to everyone and can reinforce a concept of "winners" and "losers".

But what if there were a skill, something none of the employees have ever seen before, something truly intriguing, where each participant can excel in their own unique way? There are no "winners" and "losers". There's an appreciation for how each person demonstrates their abilities, combined together to make the team stronger.

For the benefit of corporate management, we market this as a true team building event with a goal to improve communication (see Corporate Communication). To get the employees to show up, we call it "The Origins Of The Force".

In a 2005 interview, George Lucas was asked the question where did he come up with the idea for "The Force". Simple. He took it from old world martial arts. He was always fascinated by the practices of monks in the shaolin temples. They were acquiring levels of sensory awareness far beyond the physical realm. They were using energy to augment their strength, allowing them to perform super-human acts of skill. Extend these methods a bit, add some telekinesis, and you have "The Force". (See YouTube video clip from The Science Of Star Wars)

Through our seminar, we take the old (non-combative, safe) practices from energy-based martial arts and show the group just how real this is. They get to experience it, physically, which gives it substance. We then extend that to increased awareness, and finish with useful tools for more effective communication. All of this is combined with real-world anecdotes demonstrating the practical use of these skills.

We guarantee they've never seen anything like this before.