Health And Safety

Most organizations which offer guidance and/or services in health and safety tend to put them under the same umbrella. Each has a direct connection to a more positive lifestyle and increased productivity, so they are loosely associated. For the most part, we agree. Although we believe the focus should be on safety and that health is a side effect.

We start with the premise that everyone is personally responsible for their own safety, and that absolute safety cannot be provided by anyone. As an example, recent statistics show that 1 in 5 female college students will be assaulted during their college experience. The government's response is to form a taskforce dedicated into looking into improved security on campuses across the country. This will not solve the problem. If each student takes responsibility, and acts accordingly, these numbers would drop. Practical methods and tactics to staying safe are available in any self-defense class. Most of what they cover is how to avoid a bad situation.

How does this relate to health? Health comes from a positive life experience (emotional wellbeing, reduction in stress, feeling productive, etc.), and most health professionals agree with this. A positive life experience comes from empowerment, and cannot be provided to the individual. Empowerment is about choosing to acquire the necessary wisdom along with the discipline to commit to living well.

If you rely on your doctor to keep you healthy, your boss to reduce your stress, and your community to keep you safe, and not hold yourself at all accountable, this will not go well for you.

Most of our classes and events are based on empowerment. We show you how strong you are, how to avoid giving your power away (staying safe), and how to deflect any harsh effects of those around you so you do not take them on. We help you connect with your clarity so you language your responses well, clearly stating your boundaries while not engaging a possible adversary. We'll remind you that as a consumer you have the right to stand up for yourself and challenge any guidance you are paying for. And finally, we'll help you break out of some of your denial regarding safety and power. If you walk into a bar, you should imagine a sign hanging above the door which reads "Inappropriate behavior expected here". If you are treated unfairly, you have the right to be angry. You do not have the right to be surprised.