Beyond readings, coaching you about energy, cleansing your home environment, and helping you stay safe, we also have services designed to assist you in general wellbeing. We focus on both proactive and reactive approaches.

Our deepest hope is that you will learn enough about holding your own energy to manifest health and safety throughout your life. We believe that people create their own reality, that it is based on their belief systems, and that if old/negative belief systems can be discarded we can live an amazing life. We believe that the most detrimental influence on health is stress and that it can be deflected, which is much more beneficial than taking it on and eventually discarding it.

While the proactive approach is ideal, we are still spiritual beings stuck in human form, often confounded by this strange physical reality we all seem to share. Our bodies can end up taking the brunt of it. In those situations, we promote the use of healing techniques based on Moto-Ki. It is very good at breaking down scar tissue, dissolving energy blocks, reducing inflammation, and increasing vitality.

We believe in a very balanced approach to healing, and that an individual's belief about a treatment will create its success or failure. Our goal is to work with your beliefs, helping you make them more positive if possible. We are not radical in our approaches, and honor the wisdom and benefits of western medicine. If you break an arm, go see a doctor and get it set/casted. Then come see us and we'll speed up the process of fusing the bones back together again.