The Modern Intuitive

The Modern Intuitive is subtle. You may work with several of them, and not even realize it. They just appear to have a bit more clarity. Someone who is good at cutting through the noise and focusing on what really matters. You might see them as somewhat of a visionary. People around them feel better about themselves, and what they are doing. They generate a state of calm, combined with a lot of strength and direction.

This is very different from the more common impression of an Intuitive, or "Psychic". As with any modality, or profession, you will find a wide range of skills and proficiency. There are those who attempt to mystify energy work, or structure it into some sort of religion. There is a lot of propaganda out there, which is fear-based, promoting the idea that all forms of intuitive work are inherently wrong, or even dangerous. Professional psychics who use their skills inappropriately, or lack a basic understanding of the fundamentals, inadvertently assist in efforts to keep intuitive work from becoming mainstream.

So how is a Modern Intuitive different? They keep to the basics. They understand that everything is just energy. It's that simple. Read Einstein. Study up on Quantum Physics. You'll see it too. Everything in our world exchanges energy at some level. The Modern Intuitive works with this. They allow themselves to perceive subtle changes in energy around them, and trust their perceptions. They are very good at deflecting or eliminating unwanted energy. They know how to project it and empower those around them to do the same, creating positive change. They combine their intellect with their intuition allowing them to come from clarity. Most bad decisions are "fear-based". Those who can read energy are exceptional at uncovering the root cause of fear, exposing it in a productive way, and leading a team to a positive outcome.

How did the Modern Intuitive gain credibility, where so many others have failed? First, they noticed that many forms of energy-based healing work have successfully bridged the gap into mainstream society and are now commonplace. Acupuncture, Acupressure, herbal medicine, Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki - once people experienced their positive effects they became acceptable forms of health care. These modalities combined a physical practice and energy together, providing a comfort level for the novice and gently shifting them into a higher understanding.

The Modern Intuitive uses a similar approach. In describing their methods, they language it in such a way that everyone can easily understand it. They follow up with real-world examples of how effective the tools can be. As more individuals experience the positive effects, the Modern Intuitive becomes highly valued.

In what ways do they language it differently? An example of this can be taken from current literature regarding manifesting (law of attraction). If you tend to focus on the negative aspects of your life, you add energy to them and they grow. If you switch that and create a more positive view of the world, your life gets better. These statements are energy-based, and yet modern society embraces the concepts. Looking at everything as simply energy, interpersonal communication, healing work, project management, training methods, etc., can all be enhanced with concepts easily proven and accepted.

Where do the more common practitioners of the intuitive arts struggle? The uncertainty of their abilities, or how to apply their skills to real-world needs, is often seen in their advertising. It comes across as vague, or mystical, with no mention of practical benefits. It is not inclusive in nature, and seriously limits their audience. Here is an example from a group in Northern California:

"Re-connect to the original Divine Blueprint for planet Earth, and release any "false copies" you may have been holding onto, so that YOUR leadership can be crystal-clear. Activate your galactic consciousness and connect to a team of star-beings that will help you rise beyond seeming 3-D limitations and experience infinite possibilities and magic."

Would this reach a wide audience? Probably not.

One other significant difference in how a Modern Intuitive operates comes from their ethical training. Yes, Ethics is part of their training. One of their strongest guidelines covers how and when they share information. Centuries of persecution for those that presented an enlightened (or magical) view of the world taught us a very important lesson: Don't share without permission. No matter how well intentioned you may be, approaching a stranger in public to express your compassion around the fact their cat died earlier that morning is not going to go over well. And the more accurate your information, the more they are going to fear and hate you.

Does this mean they can never share their insights? Of course not. It just means they must take the time to gain permission to share, and periodically accept "no" as an answer. For examples on gaining permission, please read The Irish Castle and Fitness Center Ankle Injury.

"Permission to share" is an interesting concept, especially in the world today. Constant bombardment with advertising has created almost an "allergic" reaction amongst the population. Websites tracking your movements and searches so ads can target you specifically reflects how invasive this has become. Add to that telemarketing, spam, graffiti, junk mail, and evangelists, it is no surprise that many people react with hostility toward anyone approaching them to "share".

The Modern Intuitive respects your privacy. In every dialog they constantly check in and ask themselves "Do I have permission to share this?" If they don't, they keep their mouth shut. Even mentioning how they receive their insights might be viewed by others as a way to promote or push their belief systems. So, unless you ask specifically, they won't volunteer this information. In workplace situations, it would be as inappropriate as bringing up religion or politics.

Will our society finally see the light? With the loss of Steve Jobs, who demonstrated many aspects of the Modern Intuitive, the high tech industry has come to understand the value of a visionary. There are now efforts to locate visionaries, or develop them. But both public education, and industry in general, are uncertain as to how to achieve this. A visionary comes from clarity. They easily blend their wisdom with a strong imagination, or gut instinct, to launch companies into new directions. They choose not to let other people's belief systems block their efforts; ideally not through conflict, but through compassion. They empower those around them to be successful. To nurture these skills requires a completely different approach. This is the charter of Intuitive Methodologies.