Martial Arts

We offer supplemental training in martial arts, primarily from an energy standpoint. Since this is completely independent of the physical techniques, it can be applied to any martial art, hard or soft, fluid or direct. We strive to enhance whatever art form you are studying, while honoring your existing training.


A change in marketing strategy has effectively eliminated energy work from many martial arts over the last couple of decades. By focusing on a younger audience, these teachings were deemed unsuitable. In addition, removal of this training allowed more time to focus on discipline and mechanics.

We believe there is a substantial audience of mature practitioners who are seeking more advanced training. They often find themselves attending classes originally designed for children, upgraded for adults. They know there is more, but can't seem to find it. We offer solutions.

Our focus and methods are completely opposite of those used to train children. If you are marketing toward kids you want a large environment, big picture windows, lots of trophies on display, numerous colored belts, all combined with a goal of making black belt. The adult student wants privacy, is more interested in self-defense than tournaments, requires less praise, and comes to understand that black belt is where the training really begins. This is martial arts for grown-ups.

The practice of the energy side also brings with it the return of the spirituality of martial arts, including concepts of energy attraction, karma, and manifesting.

Our Goals:

Simply put, we want to re-introduce the energy methods back into martial arts. We achieve this through working directly with martial arts training centers and clubs. We also work with individual students, with the hope that their experiences will direct them to demand more from their primary instructor.


In addition to years of experience in numerous martial arts, and the ability to teach energy work within any style requested, we also offer training in the methods and philosophies of Han Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do. This was the original fighting art of the Korean military, and is a very power-based art form. We are affiliated with the Han Moo Kwan Association, a not-for-profit group dedicated to providing instruction in the original Han Moo Kwan fighting art style. For more information, please visit their Web site at

To review an example of the training style offered, and the amount of power it provides, please see this YouTube Video. This is a black belt challenge developed for the Han Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Association and its affiliated clubs. It demonstrates adding energy-based power to strikes.

Current Offerings:

Below you will find a list of what we currently offer in the way of formal training (seminars) and consulting. For more details on any course, presentation, or service, or to check on availability, please feel free to contact us directly.


Energy Work For Martial Artists [Seminar]

Come learn what your masters won't teach you, in an environment open to All martial artists. This workshop covers the hidden [or private] practices of energy work in martial arts, including grounding to develop power, dispersing energy to avoid injury, directing energy to create alternate effects, and ethereal shifting to gain advantage. It also provides a completely different perspective of forms/kata/hyung -- demonstrating the practical [energy] use of those obscure movements no one wants to explain.

Practical Healing Methods In Martial Arts [Workshop]

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of healing methods commonly found in Advanced Bodywork (massage therapy), Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, and Yoga. All of these practices are based on Energy Work. Master-Level martial art instructors typically perform on-site repair of minor injuries. They also tend to take an interest in the general health of their students and use healing techniques as a way of supplementing the training process.

Open to those of any level of experience, and those who are simply curious, we will explore how energy is applied; where it comes from, how it is refreshed, directed, redirected, held, and "tinted". We will cover the positive and negative aspects of energy, as well as grounding and shielding techniques used to reduce any harmful effects.

Presented in three parts, the first session covers the basics of energy use where the participants will experience energy flow through practical [hands-on] examples. Follow-up sessions will demonstrate methods of reading energy, building up to healing practices.

Advanced Energy Practices For Martial Artists [Workshop]

For students well versed in energy work, these sessions provide a forum to learn and practice more advanced techniques designed around real-world applications in self-defense. The workshops, based on Moto-Ki, include more effective grounding methods to increase power, redirecting and dispersing energy to avoid injury, alternate concepts of speed and time, and advanced ethereal shifting to gain advantage. Additional sessions focus on reading an opponent's energy to determine intent and expose their weaknesses.

Personalized Energy-Based Martial Arts [Individual Training]

Work directly with one of our instructors to re-experience your martial art from an energy standpoint. We provide an open training environment, customizing the presentation to match for your specific needs and goals. Each session is designed to improve power, sustain a grounded stance, and instill a deeper understanding of the art through the concepts of energy.

Black Belt Challenges In Tae Kwon Do [Individual Training]

Designed specifically for the Tae Kwon Do enthusiast, this series focuses on practical applications of the art form from both a physical and energy standpoint. The challenges jump-start the 1st degree black belt toward their goal of reaching 2nd degree.