Guided Meditation

We use a Chakra Clearing meditation during our sessions to help students unhook from distractions in their lives. This is a guided meditation which focuses on each of the Chakras, one at a time, uncovering whatever outside influences may have attached. By dissolving these "hooks", students gain clarity and refocus on their own energy. Over time, the goal is to use this tool to learn more about how we attach to distractions, giving us the ability to avoid these attachments in the first place.

Instructions: Choose which of the meditations you want to download. Although you can simply click on the link to download and play the .MP3 file, it is typically best to download it manually first and then play it (download times can be lengthy). To download, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As". At this point you will be able to designate where you would like the audio file stored.

Chakra Clearing Meditation (which brings you back to consciousness)
[40 MB / Large File]

Chakra Clearing Meditation (which sends you off to sleep)
[40 MB / Large File]

Chakra Clearing Meditation Video via YouTube