There is an enormous amount of material (books, videos, and websites) dedicated to describing energy and its effects. They're great reference. They are nothing compared to a direct experience of it. This is the only way to fully appreciate its nature and value.

Our seminars start with the concept that everything is made up of energy. We affect our environment and the people around us, and they affect us. We demonstrate it on a physical level, using techniques which are anything but subtle. From this we work toward having people expand their energy, and take responsibility for it. We prefer the joy and excitement of empowerment through energy work, staying away from the stress and judgment of "personal growth". This is not mysticism, and there is no added complexity of tools, symbols or rituals. It is a direct experience of how energy works.

If you're curious, but still have doubts, come experience our work. We can prove it to you in as little as 10 minutes, and we won't charge you a dime.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact us. We tailor every seminar to each specific audience. To assist you in envisioning what might work well for you and your team, below are some examples of our work.

A Physical Experience Of Energy:

This is typically a 1-2 hour forum where individuals get to appreciate the power and substance of energy. It is a direct physical experience, covering the benefits of grounding, shielding, and redirecting force. This is also the initial introduction included within most of our larger events.

The Energy Side Of Business:

Starting with a physical experience of energy, making it very real for the participants, we then extend that into the power of intention. Although many focus on "action" in their business, they key to success is a positive, balanced, and fully aligned intention. The action is simply a side effect.

Building from this, we then include creating positive work environments and manifesting effective project outcomes. When employees experience the positive effects of clarity, and take responsibility for the negative effects of doubt and fear, it empowers them to achieve a higher state of effectiveness.

The Energy Side Of Health:

With rising health costs, business owners are taking action to mitigate this with proactive changes in their environment. Exercise classes, healthier food choices, and stress relief can have a direct effect on the bottom line. Our classes on Energy And Health compliment these with practical tools designed to promote safety, both physical and emotional, while demonstrating the benefits of taking responsibility.

As an example, there are a million different approaches available to help you get rid of your stress. All of them have one inherent flaw. They take it for granted that accepting stress is a given. We teach Stress Deflection. Don't take it on to begin with.

The Origins Of The Force:

Very popular with the Engineering community, this is typically provided as a team-building event.

The engineer strives to break through and achieve where most haven't even thought of going. With this comes the challenge of finding new entertainment and ways to grow. George Lucas accomplished this with Star Wars. He combined the fascination of living on other worlds, with incredible conflict, intriguing technology, and the best and worst of human nature. Most importantly, he took a spiritual concept to a real-world application and called it "The Force". This captivated engineers.

In a 2005 interview, George Lucas was asked the question where did he come up with the idea for "The Force". Simple. He took it from old world martial arts. He was always fascinated by the practices of monks in the shaolin temples. They were acquiring levels of sensory awareness far beyond the physical realm. They were using energy to augment their strength, allowing them to perform super-human acts of skill. Extend these methods a bit, add some telekinesis, and you have "The Force". (See YouTube video clip from The Science Of Star Wars)

What's the connection with this and Intuitive Methodologies? We've found that most corporate team building events for engineers are either a day off from work or feel just like any other project. They tend to fall short of creating growth or stronger connections. What we offer is different. We take the old (non-combative, safe) practices from energy-based martial arts and show the group just how real this is. They get to experience it, physically, which gives it substance. We then extend that to increased awareness, and finish with useful tools for more effective communication. All of this is combined with real-world anecdotes demonstrating the practical use of these skills.

We guarantee they've never seen anything like this before.

Energy Basics For Bodywork Professionals:

This seminar is offered to experienced Bodywork Professionals who wish to enhance their skills by applying advanced techniques in energy manipulation (Moto-Ki). Quite often, individuals in the healing arts inadvertently hook into the energy of their clients, pulling both off-balance, leaving them running energy that is not their own. By practicing some simple techniques in energy transfer and redirection, this can be avoided. In addition, you will come to find that the directing of energy, on a conscious level, can significantly augment your physical efforts.

This one-day seminar provides a safe environment where you will discover your innate ability to work with energy. The methods shown are learned experientially, through examples of blending the physical with ethereal. It is a practical class, with significant hands-on practice.

* Experience energy flow
* Practice grounding, shielding, and moving energy
* Learn energy deflection and other safety techniques
* Practice reading energy
* Get feedback on the accuracy of your readings
* Discover dowsing for physical and emotional trauma
* Blend energy in with your hands-on tools to enhance their effect