Energy Healers

Individuals who are quite advanced in common forms of energy work seek us out to experience healing methods from a completely different perspective. There are many training organizations to choose from and, unfortunately, most are structured to support their own business goals. If you take a simple, innate skill, and surround it with lots of structure and complexity, you can provide a training program which requires months or even years of attendance to become proficient. And as you practice, slowly evoking your own intuition more and more, something deep inside you asks the question: "Does it have to be so cumbersome?"

Let's use Reiki as an example. The literal translation of Reiki is "universal energy". It's inside us, around us, and easily directed. Western Reiki includes lots of symbols and other rituals to structure the process for it to be effective. Traditional Reiki simply makes use of the practitioner's intuitive nature to achieve more powerful results with less complexity. It still requires substantial training, but mostly related to honoring its history and culture.

What if it were easier than this? What if you could learn to project powerful healing energy with only a few simple tools? What if you didn't need training, but simply someone to help you remember what you already know? Healing skills are innate skills. They are not difficult. How strong would you be if there was no one holding you back?

So why the restrictions? We believe they are fear-based. Many of the metaphysical/healing practices today are shadow images of the ancient methods. Centuries ago, earth-based energy, an extremely powerful tool for healing, went underground due to the persecution of the practitioners. Today's lighter forms were able to surface because society sees them as fairly benign.

Are the power-forms useful? Absolutely. Softer forms focus on attracting patients back to a healthier state, and this can be highly beneficial in many cases. There are times when a more directed technique is required. Breaking through lifelong blocks, dissolving scar tissues, fusing bones back together, these are situations where subtle energy flow simply isn't enough.

As a parallel, let's look at how someone might get back into shape. There are times you may consider using a health coach to assist you in bringing your body back into balance. They would guide you in areas of nutrition, exercise, and stress relief. And there are other times when you realize you need a personal trainer because the gentle approach simply isn't going to work.

We offer training in earth-based energy techniques, and they are power forms (Moto-Ki). No matter what your background, we can enhance your skills to include powerful methods of moving energy. Our sessions include a strong physical experience of the results so you will come to know just how powerful and real they are. With this level of skill comes additional training in ethics, and control.

If you truly wish to expand beyond your current healing methods, you might also wish to review our section on Practical Metaphysics.