Certification Program

We do offer a complete certification program within Moto-Ki, authorized by the Moto-Ki Association. It is a multi-tier system, starting with two separate majors. The first is designed for individuals who wish to integrate the techniques in with other modalities and provide a service as a guide or energy-counselor. The second major is for the professional energy-healer. Level III of this section is for extending the healing methods to a force capable of clearing a structure or property.

Instructor level training is available at the higher level. This covers mastery of all energy work taught within the Moto-Ki system. After completing the first two levels in either major, a brief internship is required to move to Level III. At this level, you are qualified to hold seminars and classes in Level I content. Level IV instructors gain all the experience necessary to instruct at levels I and II.

Master level instructors are provided all additional wisdom needed to teach and certify instructors.