Misconceptions About Energy Work

(A different perspective from a power-form)

There is a lot of information out there regarding how energy-based practices work, and a great deal of it is tied to old beliefs or partial truths. Sometimes information is simply fragmented or lost over time. And every once in a while agendas restrict its dissemination.

As with any practice (healing art, martial art, sport, career, etc.), combining different perspectives tends to give you a more global, or balanced, view. We receive a lot of questions about intuitive abilities, Reiki and other modalities, mostly from those concerned that our methods/beliefs might be in conflict. Our answers simply reflect energy work from a different point of view. Since we come from a power form, which tends to be much more direct, practitioners who lean more toward the practical side of healing arts find our insights refreshing.

The following perspectives simply reflect how we view energy work, along with how we present it. We hope it resonates with you.

Only a chosen few are born intuitive. Right? No. We are all born incredibly intuitive. In our early childhood years we are taught to shut it down, or ignore it. Many people never get fully back in touch with it, usually due to lack of opportunity, or fear. Although our society doesn't want to discuss it openly, most people use their intuition at some level. Parents use it to protect their kids. Emergency room staff use it to "monitor" patients. Police officers and Fire Fighters use it to stay safe. It's just not acceptable in everyday conversation.

Why are women more intuitive then men? They get more practice. Their intuition is no stronger than a man's. They are just better at accessing it. Why? Society doesn't push back against "Women's intuition" so they are more prone to use it openly.

If I don't get visions or see energy does that mean I'm not intuitive? Not at all. Movies and TV tend to depict intuitive insights visually, mostly because it is the easiest way to show it. In The Sixth Sense, the boy saw dead people. But imagery is only one of many ways to perceive energy. Instead, you might feel it emotionally, or as a physical sensation (tactile). You might just know something all of a sudden (cognitive). You might hear it as a voice (audible). And there are others. None are better or worse than the rest - they're just different. Most likely you use a couple of these in combination. Individuals new to metaphysics tend to hope for a visual experience. But consider this: If the boy in The Sixth Sense were an emotional reader, he would have felt what was going on with the spirits, he would have picked up on their distress, and would have come from compassion instead of fear. It would have been a very short film.

Can negative energy be deflected or destroyed? Let's start with something very basic. Energy is not negative or positive, right or wrong, good or bad. It just is. Society teaches us to put a judgment on it. Society also teaches us to judge people the same way. Luckily we tend to push back on that one. There are energies out there that you might (personally) find abrasive, which other people might truly enjoy. It's just a preference. In situations where you encounter energy which distracts you or upsets you, there's probably no need to put effort into destroying it, but you might want to deflect it or relocate it. And by staying outside of judgment about it, you are less likely to engage it.

Do energy-based healing arts have to be so complex, and even sometimes cumbersome? To direct energy you need to remove your old blocks/beliefs which hold you back. You need to be able to focus, and at a very high level. Mostly, you need confidence, which is obtained by direct experience of your work. Typically, these goals are achieved in one of two ways. Eastern methods train through a more spiritual practice, while western methods use focusing tools and ritual. The "complexity" of the art is not what makes energy healing work. It is simply the tool to get you there. You don't need any of this to run energy. You simply... run energy.

Different practitioners run very different levels of power, and it doesn't seem to match their level of training, or even how long they have trained. Why is that? Were they born with a gift? Everyone has the ability to run very powerful energy. No one is more gifted than anyone else. Their "gift" may be that they find it easier to set aside their blocks, find focus, and build confidence.

Do more powerful mentors create more powerful practitioners? Yes. There are two reasons for this. First, how can you gain confidence from someone who is only marginally clear? If your teacher is relying heavily on the complexity of their methods, and even slightly uncertain about their approach, they will severely limit you in your abilities, as they have limited themselves. The second reason is a bit more interesting. Energy work is learned "experientially". All you have to do is be in the presence of someone who runs high levels of energy, as they practice their art, for your skills to simply show up. This is a huge key to your success, but it is not easily packaged and marketed. Adding the complexity of the training around it is believed to give it the appearance of more substance, and therefore more (dollar) value.

So what is an attunement? It is a direct experience of a master's level of energy, with a fair amount of formality. But it is simply the experience which causes your skills to come forward. It is not mystical, and it can be achieved in other ways.

Why is Western Reiki so different from Eastern? There has been a lot of discussion on this. Some believe this stems from the difficulty of taking a more spiritual practice, with a basic understanding that energy flow is easily achieved, and restructuring it for a (somewhat skeptical) western audience. There may have been cases where westerners really struggled with the original concepts. Our findings are different. We believe you don't need to change the content, just how it is delivered. You simply need to teach using a western learning style.

I was told that energy can't hurt people. Is that true? Absolutely not. Anyone claiming the opposite may want to spend some time in an energy-based martial art. With the correct intention and focus, energy can cause severe damage, both to the physical body as well as the energy meridians. In the extreme, it has been applied as a successful form of assassination (Brue Lee died of "Natural Causes" at the age of 32).

If it can do harm, should it still be used? Of course. Telling practitioners not to use it would be the same as approaching a surgeon and saying "That scalpel could hurt someone - you better put it down." The practice of energy healing is to use it appropriately, and with the proper intention. Also remember that fear injects a negative intention. That in itself can cause damage. Do not fear your abilities, respect and honor them.

One final note regarding the danger of any martial or healing art:

You are responsible for your own safety. Books, articles, CDs, DVDs, and online material are simply reference. They can be very useful in supporting your training, but do NOT take the place of a mentor. If you choose to work under a trainer, make sure they are not only proficient in the art but capable of ensuring safe space. If you notice that you or other participants are not being monitored sufficiently, you are at risk. Finally, with the recent push toward online courses we have seen a significant increase in injuries. If you choose to participate, please follow up with a qualified instructor.