Client Events

In addition to offering ceremonies, we also facilitate events for small groups. These are designed to build community, and promote a positive experience of energy work. You may host them at your residence, or any meeting facility you choose (as long as it is reasonably quiet and free of distractions).

Manifest Party

A Manifest Party is an afternoon open-house where the participants are encouraged to explore the concepts of manifesting and practice the skills. Starting with a comprehensive discussion, extending well beyond "The Secret" and "Law Of Attraction", we then move into the actual practice of formal manifesting in a group setting. The session is both playful and exciting.

* Learn the secrets to "The Secret"
* Discover common pitfalls in Manifests, Vision Boards, and Affirmations
* Release old beliefs that may hold you back
* Feel energy flow and grounding
* Experience intuitive visions of manifesting

Please see Manifesting A Vacation under Anecdotes.

A Physical Experience Of Energy

Individuals new to energy work (metaphysics) tend to struggle. It feels so vague, and the seminars, books and videos just don't seem to help. Even those who have studied for years may have a strong appreciation for energy work, but can still feel it is fleeting or uncertain. The reason for this is simple. They have never been able to "anchor" it to the real world.

Many people experience a disconnect between how the skills are presented, and how they are learned. Energy work is learned experientially. Let me repeat that. Energy work is learned experientially. Unfortunately, this does not sell products. Books and videos are great reference, but they won't get you there. Sitting in an audience of 400, watching from afar, also tends to yield limited results. The good news is, all you have to do is be in the presence of powerful practitioners performing their skills and your innate abilities rise to the surface. It's that simple. Stop studying. Start practicing.

Following this philosophy, we offer you and your guests a physical experience of energy. You will practice several skills, in a safe environment, where the effects will be far from subtle. Your body will remember the power of each technique, and anchor it to the real world. You will walk away knowing once and for all that energy exits, it affects you, and you can direct it.

Walking Tours

This covers an array of different "walking tours" to gain perspective from an energy viewpoint on different topics. The tours include art galleries (reading the energy of the artists through their work), centers of intense energy (ex: Sedona), places known for disruptive energy (hauntings), and a selection of ruins (archeological sites both here and abroad) where strong impressions remain (See The Irish Castle, by Brian Rainie).