We provide a wide range of insights regarding the creation of children. Typically this starts with reading the energy of any entities currently available for you to bring in, describing their personality, temperament, and nature. This may also cover what lessons the child brings with them, and what guidance they will be asking of you.

Fertility issues may be just as much energy-based as physical. Past fears, negative belief systems of others, and stress-inducing conflicts can disrupt the natural process. Distractions in your life which directly affect your level of energy can definitely have an impact - and it takes a lot of energy to create a child. An energy-based "physical" assessment may reveal a problem which is easily resolved.

Delays in achieving pregnancy can range from issues in manifesting, general health, and outside influences. It can also have a great deal to do with the disposition of the child you may be trying to bring in. As an example, if this entity is a little "Buddha Baby" it probably won't care about the environment or situation you are in, and just simply show up. If this entity is a strong Type-A personality, it may be holding off until you open up enough free time, establish its living environment properly, or resolve a battle you are currently engaged in. The personality of the child can have a lot to do with your attempts to conceive.