Stress Deflection

There are a million different approaches available to help you get rid of your stress. All of them have one inherent flaw. They take it for granted that you have to take stress on to begin with. Through practicing with energy, we provide tools to help you "deflect" stress. We find this a much safer approach.

Most energy workshops focus on the concepts or theories of energy. They include a lot of visualization, and possibly focusing tools or meditation. These approaches work over time, but are still very subtle in their methods. Even after years of practice, many practitioners still experience their skills as "vague".

At Intuitive Methodologies, we take a very different approach. We combine the physical aspects of martial arts and healing arts together to provide a physical experience of energy flow. As students discover how they can deflect energy on a physical level, they come to understand how they can deflect stress on an emotional level. It is a very powerful experience, unlike any other practice available.