My name is Brian Rainie, and I started Intuitive Methodologies [formally] in 2001. This was a culmination of joining together numerous different modalities including martial arts, healing arts, advanced teaching techniques, engaged presentation styles, and corporate business experience. I credit the launch of this endeavor to something I learned while working at Hewlett-Packard. It was called the "Next Bench" system. If you build something that you yourself would find useful, others will want it too.

I started martial arts at age 12, and have been heavily involved for well over 40 years. I was very fortunate to work with masters who still taught the energy side (something that is extremely rare these days), and who could demonstrate it in ways that were far from subtle. It was an interesting experience to be heavily beaten by energy for several hours, then put back together (healed) by that same energy at the end of the session. In my teenage years I moved into a power-based style called Han Moo Kwan. This was the original fighting art of the Korean Military.

In my early 20's, I started my professional career working as a programmer for the college I was attending to get my degree in programming. Yes, I know that sounds strange. I then went on for a one year stint with NASA Ames-Research. Following that, I joined HP and spent 28 years doing leading edge tech development, customer training, and technical support. This provided me an incredible education in engineering, course development, and presentation techniques. It also awarded me an audience with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Highness Prince Phillip. But that's another story.

In my early 30's, while teaching a self-defense class, I met Tess Pender, an incredibly gifted energy worker and intuitive. She suggested I take the enormous amount of power I had been developing and apply it to perceiving and manipulating energy. We joined forces. We put together her methods of using ethereal energy and anchored that to earth based power. The results were amazing. We found a process by which students practicing energy skills could experience it physically.

With all this going on, I initially felt I was being pulled in several different directions. But soon these three "worlds" started to overlap. The confidence and focus I was learning in martial arts helped me with political challenges at HP. The instructional training at HP was invaluable when teaching martial arts and healing arts. The skills I developed in reading energy helped me keep a safe practice environment when teaching self-defense and also allowed me to resolve conflicts within engineering development teams. And as I grew past the "learning" stage and into the "exploring" stage of my development, new methods I would discover/create in one world I would then take to the other two.

So what is it that I created using "Next Bench"? Something I desperately wanted and could not find. A practice for the left-brain individual which made sense, positively affects all aspects of life, and had strong practical applications. This is the charter of Intuitive Methodologies. (Please see the article on The Modern Intuitive as well as the anecdote on Energy Based Problem Solving)

At this point in my life I can't imagine doing anything else. I get to meet amazing people every day, and open them up to a world they've never seen before. I get to experience how they put their own unique energy talents to work, reminding me that there are always new possibilities. I get to play with martial arts and healing arts experts, and rattle them.