Our staff would like to acknowledge the guidance and support offered over the years from key individuals and organizations. Their efforts have assisted us in creating a well-rounded offering which we joyously provide to our community. We are grateful for their time and insights as they educated us, challenged us, and empowered us to excel as we pursued our life's purpose.

Training And Support:

  • Tess Pender - Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Educator
  • Ui Jung Kim - Master In Martial Arts and Earth Based Energy
  • Han Moo Kwan Association - Masters in Martial Arts
  • Ken Kubo - Energy-Based Aikido Master
  • Rosemary Walker - Professional Intuitive and Life Coach
  • Pamelah Landers - Master Hand Analyst

Education Methods and Reference:

  • Accelerated Learning Center -
  • J. Ruth Gendler - Author of "The Book Of Qualities"
  • Hewlett-Packard - Customer Support and Education