Massage Therapists

Registered Nurses, EMTs, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and other healing professionals combine their skills and physical abilities to assist, guide, and empower their patients. They all evoke positive change in the people around them. They receive advanced training in their specialty, some training in the physical aspects of their job, minimal training on creating a safe space and avoiding injury, and little or no training regarding the effects of energy on both them and their clients.

Our initial training for anyone in a healing profession starts with grounding and deflection of energy. First things first - stay safe. If your methods, or your environment, are not creating safe space you are adding to the problem, not resolving it. The techniques taught here are simple, easy to learn, and significantly change how your patients experience you. Just the practice of staying grounded will not only keep you safe it will also calm and center the people around you.

Most CMTs trained in traditional massage burn out within 6 or7 years. Their bodies simply cannot tolerate the work over a prolonged period of time. They continually hone their skills to become more effective practitioners, and just as they reach a level where they have mastered their art it's all taken away from them.

Some CMTs train in energy modalities like Reiki or Cranial Sacral, and switch back and forth with their clients. These lighter forms are a wonderful way of attracting a patient to alignment or balance in their energy. They tend not to be invasive, and some patients are open to them - but not all. If you aren't open to the effects, it simply won't work on you. When CMTs attempt to save themselves and their business by shifting their practice completely to Reiki, a lot of their clients demand the direct effects of massage and find Reiki too "subtle", so they move on.

For the most part, massage requires power to be effective. Standardized training shows you how to use strength and mechanics to accomplish this. But power is actually a combination of strength and energy. You can use nothing but strength and work hard to reach your goal (at a cost). Or you can augment your physical methods with forceful energy, work more easily, and have your clients experience something much more powerful. Some may even end up asking you to lighten up the pressure a bit not realizing you really aren't pushing that hard.

Intuitive Methodologies teaches earth-based energy methods - power forms of running energy (Moto-Ki). They are direct, capable of breaking through barriers, and require no physical strength. It is not the answer for every client, but it gives you more options. Consider this: If you were to only offer very light forms of massage, and some of your clients require (and probably demand) deep tissue work, you won't be able to retain them. Reiki and Cranial Sacral are light/soft arts. Earth-based is the "deep tissue" form of energy work. You may run it at whatever level is necessary, and appropriate, to assist someone in their healing.

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