Energy work is always being "rediscovered". All of the press regarding The Secret and the Law Of Attraction has the community re-examining the basic concepts of manifesting. There is a strong belief that we create our own reality, and these books reflect the effects of this belief. We expand that thought into understanding that our reality is a reflection of our belief systems. In other words, if you want to know what you believe you deserve -- look around you. Change your belief systems and the world around you also changes.

We cover the basic steps to changing your reality. It focuses on shifting from the idea of luck (everything is imposed upon the individual) toward challenging old belief systems to invoke positive change (and taking responsibility). We provide all the steps necessary to successful manifesting, far beyond what the books discuss.

If you are already comfortable with manifesting, we'll take you several steps further. We'll show you how to invoke the power of all 7 chakras to ensure your manifests are complete. You will learn structured methods of manifest design. Most importantly, you will understand the benefits to building community to assist you so you are not trying to achieve clarity in a closet.

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