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For additional information about our services, or to schedule a training program for your oganization, please email us at the address below. You can expect an initial reply within 48 hours. Most general consulations are provided over the phone.

Group Training Assessment: No Charge

Event Consultation: No Charge

Event Fees: Request Estimate

Property Evaluation: $180 (for properties under 4000 sq ft)

Individual Training/Assessment: Contact us for hourly rate

2018 Update: Due to our current high demand for training, we have decided to temporarily suspend many of our individual Client Services. Our goal is to invest more heavily in the training of our student practitioners, with the hope of expanding our programs in the near future.

If you are an individual looking for general training in metaphysics, please make sure you review our Philanthropy section. Here you will find additional guidance on how to achieve your goals.


For further information, please contact the proprietor: