Practical Metaphysics

For the most part, most practices in metaphysics are simply extended use of energy assessment and manipulation. Many try to mystify it, or complicate it with tools and rituals, but it really comes down to just basic energy. With that said, most of the teachings we offer could be considered practices in metaphysics with a focus on practical application.

For those who come from a background in metaphysics, we offer a more grounded approach which is easier to language and more relatable to the layperson. Below you will find a list of common techniques along with their more practical implementations:

Grounding [Basic]:

Unlike eastern methods, we teach earth-based [power] grounding (Moto-Ki). This connects the practitioner to earth, providing a much stronger experience of all energy-based practices. We use this to provide the more conservative minded student a credible experience of power from energy. And if you have had prior experiences with grounding techniques, our methods will still surprise you. They are not passive. We actively (and gently) provoke your connection to ground, compelling it to respond.

Moto-Ki Energy Flow [Basic]:

Using simple methods, we demonstrate force augmented with energy. In the martial arts world, this is how we easily break bricks and boards, or send students flying. In the corporate world, we offer modified practices (non-combative) which provide a tactile experience of how intentions, emotions, and power are exchanged between coworkers. For anyone in the healing arts, this is the tool used to mend broken bones or break down scar tissue.

Psychometry [Basic]:

In simple terms, this is the belief that objects and environments can absorb and retain an impression of energy released by people in proximity. In the business world, we assist in healing properties or environments which are experienced as frightening, hostile, or just very distracting. In the corporate world, we clear toxic work environments and provide training to help create productive and safe space. For individuals who wish to expand their intuitive capabilities, we invite them to experience reading the energy of objects as an initial practice. It's extremely easy, and helps them determine their unique reading "style" (there are numerous ways to perceive energy).

Auras and Chakras - Reading People:

We all read other people. This is an innate skill. Most of us read it subconsciously, and react to it. The trained intuitive reads it consciously and responds to it. As a general tool, it can assist in improving relationships (personal and professional), resolving underlying conflicts, and getting to the heart of a problem. As a career, it is a powerful way to guide, coach, or counsel others.


In alignment with the law of attraction, these methods allow individuals to adjust/discard negative belief systems to bring in a more positive life experience. On a personal level, practitioners shift more toward living in abundance. As a tool in the corporate world, projects can be accomplished more easily and with greater results.