Let's set aside any misconceptions or prejudices we may have about the intuitive and get real for a moment. You have had experiences where you've approached a meeting room, or office, and know before you go through that door that something is not going well. You can feel it. You may hold your breath before stepping in. This is part of your innate intuitive, and everyone experiences it at one level or another.

If you are more sensitive than most, you'd feel it entering the room after the meeting had finished. It's still in the air, and can be unsettling. And if you have had this experience, you might now ask yourself how long does that energy last? Was it just for a few minutes, or does it linger?

Morale brings with it a physical experience. Everyone hopes for a positive work environment. But what does that mean? A toxic work environment is distracting and unproductive. But how do you change it? Most approaches work on external influences. Let's adjust the noise level, the lighting, the words we use, the way we blow off stress. Working on the external can have positive results. Working on the internal is much more powerful, and direct.

Our seminars start with the concept that everything is made up of energy. We affect our environment, and it affects us. We demonstrate it on a physical level, using techniques which are anything but subtle. From this we work toward having people expand their energy, and take responsibility for it. We prefer the joy and excitement of empowerment through energy work, staying away from the stress and judgment of "personal growth".

What do the participants take away from this? They use positive intentions to ensure a positive workplace. They work together to keep each other on track, and language their feedback in a way which is supportive instead of critical. They no longer look to management to create a positive work environment. They realize it is up to them.

One additional component to this training is related to stress. There are a million different approaches available to help you get rid of your stress. All of them have one inherent flaw. They believe you have to take stress on to begin with. Through practicing with energy, we provide tools to help you "deflect" stress. We find this a much safer approach.