Yoga Instructors

As a Yoga Instructor you have some unique challenges. You are teaching a spiritual practice in physical form. Your goal is to attract students to a healthier lifestyle, open them up energetically, and connect them with higher levels of spiritual awareness. If your students come from eastern culture, you can leverage off of their established beliefs and move forward more quickly. Within a western civilization, it's not that simple. Many students struggle to bridge the gap, mostly because what you are offering in spirituality is too different from their learning style. You can hope they have the patience to slowly come around to your way of understanding, or you can meet them half way.

Our initial training for anyone teaching a physical art form starts with grounding and deflection of energy. First things first - stay safe. To truly excel in any style of Yoga, your training facility must be free of distractions, and you must create safe space. The techniques we provide are simple, easy to learn, and significantly change how your students experience you. Just the practice of staying grounded will not only keep you safe it will also calm and center the people around you. Your students are looking for serenity. Let's help them find it.

Following this, we give you a very strong experience of the physical side of energy. This adds more structure to your original training, and helps you solidify your understanding of Yoga. You will leave behind any doubts you have regarding the effects of energy, and your responsibilities as an instructor. There will be no doubt in your mind that your students take their energy queues from you, and if you are not "clear" you are contaminating the entire environment.

In addition to the training you receive on energy work and how it supports your Yoga practice and teaching, you will learn how to help westerners bridge that gap and reach their goals more quickly. As we train you using our western style of teaching, you will add that style to your skillset. Using grounding as an example, eastern training would have students use months (or years) of meditation and visualization to achieve a consistent grounded state. We teach grounding in 60 seconds. Directly, physically, in a way they will remember and using tools that allow them to reconnect with ground any time they wish.

If you are working with an engineer, and trying to introduce them to the spirituality of yoga, your descriptions and visualizations will be processed by a mind that has never heard your language before. Most likely, they simply won't hear you. Offering them a physical experience of energy, showing it to them in a real-world form, provides a translation they will understand. From here, you can finally open up a dialog.